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What equipment do I need for short track speed skating?

What equipment do I need for short track speed skating?

Short track speed skating equipment: speed skating shoes, skates, helmets, anti-cutting speed skating suits, anti-cutting neck guards, ankle pads, wrist guards, anti-cutting gloves

Speed ​​skating is a ski sport that pursues speed competition. Short track speed skating is a skiing sport based on who can complete the track in the shortest time within the specified track. Because the purpose of the competition is different, the equipment of the athletes is also different. Because the competitions of speed skating and short track speed skating are different, athletes have different requirements for equipment. Athletes' speed skating suits are designed strictly according to individual physique and can only be used after wind tunnel tests. But short track speed skating has relatively loose conditions in this regard, but also has strict requirements for suitable competition uniforms, helmets and skates.

Many people may especially like to watch various sports competitions, especially short track speed skating. Because in the process, we will feel very exciting and exciting. Actually they wear protective gear and some other protective gear because of the rules of the game. Because the regulations clearly stipulate that all athletes must wear protective equipment during the competition. Like helmets, gloves, ankle protection and more.

The reason for this requirement is that wearing a neck brace can protect the neck of the athlete. Because we found that there may be injuries during exercise, many people fell directly during the exercise. Without a neck brace, the athlete is likely to fall in the process. Therefore, for athletes, the purpose of wearing a neck brace is to protect the cervical vertebra from being compressed, and also to protect the cervical vertebra from excessive injury during the fall. And pay attention when wearing a neck protector, be sure to use the specified product. There are many athletes who are practicing or competing, and there is a possibility of falling. Such an event is very dangerous. Even if they are skilled, accidents can happen, so everyone should take care of themselves when doing physical activity.

Short track speed skaters are required to wear safety helmets, cut-resistant gloves or mittens made of leather, or gloves of synthetic wool-free material; shin guards of durable cut and puncture-resistant materials, and a standard safety competition uniform; Padded or padded hard shell knee pads; skate tubes must be closed, the blades must be rounded with a minimum radius of 10mm, the tube must be attached to the shoe at a minimum of two points, with no moving parts; all athletes must Wear a neck brace approved for use by the International Skating Association.
The skating knife is composed of a blade, a blade body tube, a front small knife holder, a front large knife holder, a front tray, a rear blade holder and a rear tray. The blades of modern high-grade speed-skating knives are mostly made of high-quality high-carbon steel, and other parts are made of light alloys. The soles of speed skates are hard leather, and the skates are fixed on the soles with screws or rivets.
The blade is only 1 mm wide and 40 to 45 cm long, and is ground and smoothed by hand. The blade is ground on a large, flat stone and polished with special tools. Now, the use of diamonds to sharpen the blade is becoming more and more popular, but only the top players can afford such an expensive cost. The diamond-polished ice edge is almost perfect, which is very important for skating at high speed.
Speed ​​skaters wear special tights that keep them warm, light, and most importantly, to reduce air resistance. Ski suits have to go through a series of rigorous wind tunnel tests.

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